Cavolo Nero

You can just cut it fine, steam it and put some butter on it, but it is even better this way.

  • Cavolo Nero
  • Toasted seasame oil
  • Garlic
  • Shoyu

If the stems are thick and stringy, cut them out, but if they are thinner you can use them. Cut the leaves finely and steam it. Then blanch it by putting into a big bowl of cold water. This means it will stay nice and green, but also makes it cool enough to be able to squeeze out the water. Heat some toasted sesame oil in a wok (you can use partly sunflower oil if your sesame oil is the really strong kind).  Put in chopped garlic and fry until some of the garlic is brown. Then add the dry-ish cavolo nero and fry it up – watch out as it will spit a bit at first. Add some shoyu at the last minute.