Egg Chow Mein

Chinese egg noodles

One egg per person

Vegetables – This is great for using up bits and pieces of veg in the fridge. I like to make it colourful, so try to include something red (carrots, red pepper) and something green (frozen peas are good). Bean sprouts are great, and add extra protein. Celery and something cabbagy is traditional, or pak choi. Garlic and ginger.

Seasame oil, or sunflower seasame mix

Shoyu (and other oriental sauce if you want – Schezwan or oyster maybe)

Cut the veg small and fry it up in the wok with the oil. Meanwhile cook the noodles. They usually take 4 mins but check the packet. Careful not to over-cook.

Add the noodles to the wok. I don’t actually fry the noodles much, but you can if you like. Push the veg to the outside of the wok so you can see the bottom, and put the egg in there. Scramble it up until it’s cooked.  Add the shoyu.

You can do the same kind of thing with rice instead of noodles. Not chow mein any more, but tasty.