Cullen Skink

  • Smoked haddock – one fillet per person is more than enough for ‘soup as a meal’, use half a fillet each if it is just a starter. The haddock does need to be smoked, but preferably not bright yellow!
  • Potato (combine with celeriac or Jerusalem artichoke for variety).
  • Onion or leek
  • Bay leaf (I sometimes forget, but the flavour is really lovely)
  • Single cream (or you can make it with milk and butter instead)
  • Parsley or chives (optional)
  • Salt and pepper

Cut the potato into small chunks and simmer in water with the cut up onion or leek and the bay leaf. Cut up the haddock. When the potato is soft add the cream, haddock and other ingredients to the pan and cook very gently so that the haddock poaches.

Some people mash some of the potato to make the soup thicker – or even make the whole soup using leftover mashed potato instead of chunks.

I tend to make this soup very creamy, but it you want it less rich you can just put in a small amount of cream or cut the cream altogether and use milk and a bit of butter. Don’t boil the potato in the milk though as it will separate out – just use a little bit of water for cooking the potato and add milk when the potato is cooked.