Stuffed Peppers

This is a great way of using up rice and meat leftovers, though you could also cook things specially to put into the peppers.

  • 1 pepper for each person, any colour but I like red. Try to choose ones which will stand up nicely.
  • Cooked rice and leftover meat, tofu, veg mixture. Or try with a lentil base instead of the rice. Or lamb mince, fried up with a spicy tomato sauce. Or haggis – I think that would be brilliant.
  • Add some extra sauce if you think it needs the taste – pesto, chilli sauce, shoyu, even fish sauce. The flavours need to be strong as the pepper is actually quite bland. Allspice is good, and herbs.

Slice the tops off the peppers and take out the inside of the peppers. Salt the inside of the peppers and leave for 10 mins before rinsing – then microwave them at 800W for 4 mins (don’t microwave the top bit). All this helps with getting the peppers nicely cooked

Fill the peppers with your mixture and then put the top back on. Stand the peppers in an oven dish with a little oil on the bottom. You can do this in advance if you like and then put them in the oven later on.

You can also add other things to your roasting dish – whole garlic cloves, halved mini-tomatoes, slices of beet or celeriac.

Cook in a 200C fan oven for about 45 mins – until the pepper looks quite soft, and the skin is toasting up a bit. The pepper really does need to be well cooked.

I think this could work with an egg, using flavourings from a Shakshuka recipe like this one: Try making the sauce fairly thick, or add some cooked rice as well. Test this to see how long it needs to cook the egg to the right amount. For this, definitely microwave or roast the pepper on its own a bit first, so that when you are cooking it stuffed you don’t overcook the egg. Or try adding the egg ten mins before you plan to eat.