Carrot & Sweet Potato Soup (spicy or with orange & herbs)

  • Carrot
  • Sweet potato (roughly the same amount)
  • Onion (again, roughly the same amount or a bit less)
  • Garlic (and fresh ginger if you like, and a little fresh turmeric if you have any)
  • Oil
  • Veg stock cube (1/2 is usually enough) or stock
  • Coriander seed & cumin seed, ground turmeric if you like
  • Or instead of the spices, use the juice or an orange and some fresh herbs: basil, coriander or parsley
  • Shoyu or salt (shoyu goes well with the spicy version, salt better with the orange & herbs)
  • Butter

Cut the onion into half-rings and fry in oil until a they are bit caramalised (to give flavour). Add the garlic (and ginger) towards the end. Put it all aside in a bowl or something and fry the roughly chopped carrot and sweet potato – it doesn’t need to be completely cooked, just enough to soften a bit.

Toast the coriander and cumin seeds and then grind them. Or just use ground spices instead – it will still be OK.

Put everything except the butter into a pan with the stock (or water plus stock cube) and cook until the carrot and sweet potato is soft. Then liquidise. But, you don’t want it to be too hot when you do this, so either let it cool, or do the cooking in not too much water and then add some cold before you liquidise.

If you are putting in orange juice and fresh herbs add it after the main cooking so that the flavours stay fresh.

Taste before adding shoyu or salt. Heat to serve and add a bit of butter at the last moment (optional).