Fish Pie

  • Fish – at least three types, try to include more than one colour (eg some salmon or tuna) and something with more texture like prawns
  • White sauce, or cream for a quick solution
  • Potatoes
  • Herbs
  • Peas – frozen are fine. Not essential but add colour and a nice pop.
  • Grated parmesan – optional
  • Grated rind of one lemon – optional, but you are going to want to do it…
  • Wholegrain mustard – optional, mix into the mashed potato

If using frozen prawns you can defrost in cold water, changed several times. Other ingredients have to be fresh or already defrosted.

This recipe is very adaptable, it’s nice to have a mixture of fish and the only thing that won’t work too well is flat fish as it’s best to have chunky pieces.

First, make mashed potato.

Put all the fish and the peas in an oven dish, cover with a light white sauce or the cream. You don’t need a lot either way. Add in fresh herbs if you have them – parsley, chives, maybe thyme. Dried herbs could also work but don’t use too much of them. Sprinkle the lemon rind on top of the fish mix (it’s best if it isn’t too much mixed up in the sauce)

Cover the fish layer with potato, making it spike up a bit so that it will go crunchy in the oven. Better still, after mashing put through a ricer direct onto the top of the fish. Top with a little grated parmesan.

Bake at 180 degrees for about 30 mins – more if you are making a lot or using a very heavy dish.