Dinner inspiration

Ideas for easy meals when you can’t decide what to cook…

  • Lentil dahl – with rice or naan. Add roasted aubergine or spiced carrots for something extra
  • Stir fry with rice or noodles, add egg or tofu to the veg
  • Roast veg on a tray, with some sauce or pesto when you serve it
  • Baked potatoes – normal or sweet potatoes – with green veg or salad
  • Risotto – with one or more of: squash, mushrooms (fresh or porcini), peas, prawns
  • Omelet with extras like mushroom or cheese
  • French toast or cheese on toast (with salad or veg)
  • Pasta with tomato sauce or carbonara (try porcini instead of bacon)
  • Big salads with lots of extras – boiled egg, avocado, mozzarella, tuna, pasta twirls, blanched veg etc
  • Bean & veg stew done in the oven, probably needs a tomato base and maybe stock cube for flavour
  • Quick curry – my favourite is sweet potato and chickpea but can be literally anything
  • Veg chilli – with rice or in wraps
  • Pancakes with savoury fillings
  • Macaroni cheese – from the pan or finished in the oven
  • Steamed veg with cheese sauce – can finish in the oven with a breadcrumb crust if you like
  • Mashed potato, spinach and poached egg
  • to be continued….