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Saugage Ragu

Saugage Ragu

I made this from my recipe book today and I actually like it a lot more than bolognese with beef mince- it’s super tasty! Ingredients: Pork sausages Olive oil Garlic Onions Fennel seeds, mixed herbs Chopped tomatoes Red wine Salt and pepper Pasta (recipe recommends…

Mushroom and Creme Fraiche Pasta

I find this a really good way of using up creme fraiche that I bought for making wraps!! (and its quick and yummy!) Main ingredients: Mushrooms Onion Garlic Spinach Creme fraiche Spaghetti First soften the onions with the garlic, then add the mushrooms. Once they’re…

Tomato Pasta

Fresh tomatoes Passata Garlic Chilli Wine Salt, pepper and sugar Basil (optional) Pasta Try adding mushrooms, chopped olives or spicy sausage for variety! Top with grated parmesan.