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Aubergine – one Courgette – two Red pepper – one (can be any colour or a mixture) Mushrooms (optional, not traditional) Onions (optional, but use lots of garlic if no onion) Garlic Olive oil Tomatoes (fresh or a tin) Red wine Dried herbs Tomato puree…

Veggie Chilli

Garlic Chilli Coriander Kidney beans Tinned tomatoes Celery Sweet potato Mushrooms Peppers Red wine Salt, pepper, cumin, paprika and cayenne pepper Simmer beans with tomatoes and wine. Fry up the garlic, chilli, chopped coriander stalks, sweet potato and mushrooms. Add to the beans along with…

Tomato Pasta

Fresh tomatoes Passata Garlic Chilli Wine Salt, pepper and sugar Basil (optional) Pasta Try adding mushrooms, chopped olives or spicy sausage for variety! Top with grated parmesan.