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Beef, venison or lamb (I often make this with lamb, which is not traditional but works fine as long as you trim off the fat – the taste comes through in an odd way if you don’t). onions – cut into half-rings garlic sunflower oil…

Venison with Aubergine

Venison (or beef) Aubergine Onions Garlic Cumin Coriander Star Anise Paprika Chilli-garlic paste Prunes Tomato puree Red wine Tamari (or shoyu) Need some instructions here!  

Hugh’s Venison Chorizo

Hugh’s Venison Chorizo

Hugh Chalmers used to make this with deer he culled on Carrifran – perfect for members of the Carrifran Wildwood steering group which you came to as a (very) junior member. Venison Plain flour (a couple of tablespoons, just so the meat is lightly coated)…